We are honored to be leaders in the corporate industry and take pride in having served our clients for over 38 years. Our global platform of technology, combined with our experienced account managers, gives Corp2000 the ability to meet all of your filing and documentation needs. Additionally, we offer a secure online cloud database that allows you to access your business entity and compliance efforts anytime, anywhere.

Corporate UCC Services

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is a complex act established to bring uniformity to commercial transactions that occur within the United States.

At C2K, we have spent years educating and training our staff on the intricacies of the Revised Article 9 of the UCC act that specifically addresses the legal basis and means of handling secured transactions for personal property. Our experienced account managers will ensure that your UCC filings comply with the recent changes in statutory laws.

We offer complete UCC preparation, filing, and searches nationwide. It is our goal to make sure your searches and filings are successfully submitted and managed.

Additional Corporate Services

Filing all of the necessary paperwork for the incorporation of your business can be both confusing and time-consuming. C2K will file all of the necessary paperwork for the formation of your corporation swiftly, affordably, and correctly.

In order to amend the Articles of Incorporation of your corporation, a Certificate of Amendment must be prepared and delivered to the Secretary of State. Let C2K prepare and deliver your Certificate of Amendment.

When merging corporations, a Certificate of Merger must be prepared and delivered to the Secretary of State. C2K will hand-deliver your Certificate of Merger directly to the California Secretary of State or via certified mail nationwide.

Statement of Information
A Statement of Information must be prepared for the Secretary of State within 90 days of your Articles of Incorporation being filed. State laws also require corporations to file Statements of Information annually or biennially. C2K can keep track of and file all of your Statements of Information, preventing the inconvenience of late fees.

If at some point you need to change the entity type of your business, C2K can file all of the necessary paperwork required in your state. When filed incorrectly, conversions can cost you substantially in tax fees. Avoid unnecessary tax penalties by using C2K to file your conversion paperwork.

If you ever need to close your corporation, C2K can file all of the required paperwork in your state.

Franchise Tax Board
Corporations must pay annual franchise taxes.

Revivor Service
If your corporation is ever suspended due to unpaid taxes or failure to file annual documents, C2K can deliver your revivor documents to the Secretary of State. C2K can also prevent suspensions from ever occurring with our expert registered agents.

Apostille / Certification
An Apostille is a certificate used to authenticate business documents for use in other countries. C2K can prepare your Apostilles quickly and precisely.

Notice of Public Sale
C2K can promptly prepare and deliver your Notice of Public Sale.

State Level Trademark / Service Mark
C2K can search for trademarks and service marks as well as prepare your registration applications for them.