Real Estate

Corp2000 provides accurate and dependable services for homebuilders, escrow & title companies, and lenders. We offer nationwide UCC searches, filings, and monitoring as well as LLC business entity, and much more.

UCC Searches

C2K provides fast and accurate UCC searches nationwide. We provide our clients with experienced search agents that can perform fast and reliable UCC debtor searches anywhere in the United States. We will provide you with the information you need to make an informed lending decision by allowing you to determine if the individual/business in question’s property is encumbered.

Retrieve UCC Document

C2K can retrieve plain or certified copies of UCC documents across the nation. Document retrieval can be confusing and time-consuming due to all of the local and state requirements. With over 38 years of document retrieval experience, let the seasoned professionals at C2K take care of all of your UCC document retrieval services.

File UCC Documents

C2K can file all of your UCC documents anywhere in the nation. The UCC specialists at C2K are experts in UCC laws nationwide. We will guide you through the entire UCC filing process, making the experience quick and easy.

LLC Formation

Turning your real estate property into a Limited Liability Company (LLC) can help protect you against personal liability and safeguard your personal assets. C2K will file all of the necessary paperwork for the transformation of your property, taking the hassle and confusion out of the process.